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QuickDip File Review

Are you a service-based business owner who feels frustrated with your bookkeeping? Do you want to know the first step to getting things right? My QuickDip File Review is for you.

Get clear on what's not working. Know exactly what needs to change to have a bookkeeping system that doesn't feel draining.

Understand What's Not Working and Why


QuickBooks Deep Dive

Are you ready to get your bookkeeping organized and up-to-date so you can understand and use your numbers? My File Cleanup is perfect for you.


It's designed for service-based business owners who want to have a powerful and tailored bookkeeping system to help them manage their business with ease.

Do you have a feeling that something is off with your numbers?


Ongoing Bookkeeping

You need ongoing bookkeeping support. DE Bookkeeping Solutions is the perfect choice if you're a service-based business owner looking for a solid foundation to build on.


Accounting is more than just a set of repetitive tasks; it's a series of financial systems you rely on to get paid and keep your business successful.

Track your numbers for business success.



Clearing the clutter, to make waves

Project:  Deep Dive QuickBooks Cleanup

My Deep Dive QuickBooks File Cleanup provides a fully optimized QuickBooks Online file tailored to your needs. You'll get an up-to-date, accurate financial file with direct and daily access to DE Bookkeeping in Slack. You'll also receive a Follow-up with me, a Summary Report package, and recommendations for the best QuickBooks subscription level and apps to maximize your accounting software.

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